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Corporate Values

KnowledgeWalk Institute seeks to develop a culture that encourages personal, professional achievement, and self-actualization of faculty and students. At all times, the institute strives for the pursuit of excellence by providing quality instruction and services, efficient processes, and sound leadership.

The institute places a premium on integrity based on fairness, honesty, reality, and mutual trust.

The institute is committed to team building, mutual respect, and collegiality through the support of an open, civil, and collegial working environment built on effective collaboration and communication.

Consistent with its mission, the institute promotes education as a lifelong pursuit of knowledge that balances theory and practice, develops critical thinking and innovation, and emphasizes active learning that is relevant to the achievement of personal and professional aspirations.

In fulfillment of its purpose, the institute is committed to assuming a leadership role in its areas of expertise, while inculcating and developing leadership competencies in its students.

The institute operates on sound principles of ethics that respects diversity, encourages academic and intellectual freedom, ensures confidence of its stakeholders, and promotes community participation.

Tthe institute is accountable to its stakeholders for fulfilling its mission and will ensure transparency, equity, and fairness in all its operations. To this end, the institute conducts business in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Further, the institute delivers programs that meet the highest international standards thereby providing currency and further advancement for its students.

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