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Corporate Information

KnowledgeWalk Institute Inc. (KWI) is a private organisation incorporated under the Laws of Barbados in 2006.

Our focus is on providing opportunities for individuals to learn at a time, place and pace that best suits their needs.  At KnowledgeWalk Institute clients have access to:

  • Specially designed online basic and advanced courses in academic areas such as, Education, Information and Communication Technology.
  • Courses and services designed to help individuals, educational institutions, and businesses.
  • Educational resources to assist individuals in realising their personal and professional goals

KnowledgeWalk consists of two main interrelated components:

  • KnowledgeWalk Institute (KWI)
  • KnowledgeWalk Virtual Campus (KVC)

KnowledgeWalk Institute

The KnowledgeWalk Institute (KWI) represents the physical arm of the KnowledgeWalk product.  At KWI you will find a first class facility for online and onsite delivery of our courses. 

Our course developers, content providers and instructors represent a pool of experienced former and present classroom teachers. All academic faculty are competent in the use of a myriad of computer applications and have several years experience in program development, adult education and ICT-based delivery models. There is a strong emphasis on pedagogy with a focus on constructivist methodologies which place participants at the centre of the program.

KWI also provides up-to-date technology support through the provision of computers, projectors, and other digital devices.

KnowledgeWalk Virtual Campus

The KnowledgeWalk Virtual Campus (KVC), located here at KnowledgeWalk.com, is designed as a one-stop education portal with the look and feel of a true campus. There are facilities and resources similar to those of the physical version. 

Students register, sign on, and conduct all class activities, from any location in the World, with only a standard Web Browser and without complicated plug-in software and can quickly access your course material on line. Our students learn at their own pace, decide on their own method of learning, all with a choice of payment options. Members can work online or print out course materials and get started right away on a new educational experience.

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